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  • Make money from the comfort of your home;
  • You will profit 30% in commission per sales;
  • We will dropship directly to your customers;
  • You will have sales incentives;
  • You receive online training and in person so you can increase your sales;
  • Participate in trips and corporate events online and live for your enjoyment and personal development.

Terms and Conditions of Online Sales FOR COMMISSION

  1. The distributor will pay $25 dollars as a membership to belong to Sacoleira, the membership is valid for 30 days. To continue enjoying all the benefits that the membership provides, the distributor must sell a minimum of $ 100 in a 30-day period.
  2. The distributor will receive a 30% discount (profit) on their placed orders, plus training, bonuses, trips, live and pre-recorded face-to-face and digital business activities.
  3. The distributor must sell $100 or more per month to continue enjoying the 30% discount.
  4. If the distributor does not make minimum orders totaling $100 in a period of 30 days from the start of the membership, then in the next period (month) the system will not assign a discount until a minimum order of $100 is placed. When the distributor makes the minimum purchase of $100, a period of 30 days is opened again so that the distributor can continue to buy with the discount and thus in all periods (months).
  5. The distributor can form their own team of saleswomen and will receive 5% of the sales of their team. As a team leader you must sell $100 or more a month and pay on time. You will collect commissions from sellers who sell $100 or more a month and pay on time.
  6. The distributor commits to follow up on the deliveries of their orders by calling their customers to confirm that they received the merchandise.
  7. The customer will have 7 days for exchanges or returns. All process must be through the distributor. Customer must pay for return shipping.
  8. No money back, store credit will be given for 30 days.
  9. The merchandise is guaranteed for 30 days only due to a manufacturing defect. The customer must send a photo to prove the damage and after being evaluated the article and the shipping will be credited. You may be asked to return the item and shipping will be at the store’s expense.


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